Ruby in the Dust Theatre company are fairly maverick - we work in beautiful, collaborative, creative chaos often operating from no budgets at all. We are non-profit making and unsubsidised. Our musicians, actors and creatives often just invest their talent into our productions and we are lucky to have had the expertise in the past to make our shows attain the high production values they are known for.


It is however harder and harder to be able to afford to put on our shows in this way and we are now taking steps to reach a higher level. We are actively looking for investors, producers and supporters at all levels. We present "niche", non-commercial theatre exploring the lives of interesting world-changing individuals or presenting classics with a twist.


We support BAME artists and all creative individuals who are looking to break into theatre. We have discovered many new exciting talents in our desire to take risks. Much of our work is devised, original and heavily immersed in music. 



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