Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic, Gothic novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, ‘DORIAN’ is set in a fantasy, steampunk world, as we witness the events of Dorian Gray’s tragic life in flashback. It begins at the end before we are whisked through the key moments that lead to his demise – revealing also what Oscar Wilde

merely hinted at between the lines.



Dorian knows nothing about love, but decides that it is his quest to find it. While sitting for his portrait by society painter Basil Hallward, Dorian is discovered by the influential Lord Henry and is soon under the spell of this dangerous, charismatic man.

Lord Henry starts grooming Dorian for sex, exerting total power over him,

thus securing his descent into a totally corrupt world.



A world where sex and death share the same bed. And where love dare not speak its name.



When Dorian realises the painting is in fact a portrait of his conscience, he is horrified to see the level of corruption depicted on the canvas and decides to try to reverse time.



But is it too late?



Focusing more on the character of Dorian and those lost souls that surround him

rather than the picture locked away in the attic, the story is stitched together by

the narration of the sinister character of Mr Isaacs, a theatre manager

who is out to get revenge on Dorian for the "murder" of his protegé Sybil Vane.









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